Lucy Blick



A native of Guildford, Lucy has an enviable sporting pedigree having played County level hockey, competed nationally in 3 Day Eventing and having been a semi-professional snowboarder.


This sporting background affords Lucy an insight into the world of athletes at all levels and she truly appreciates the frustrations an injury can cause. Lucy’s philosophy involves optimising function and movement with a view to reducing injury, believing that prevention is far better than cure.


Following graduation from St George’s Medical School Lucy completed the acclaimed course of Dr LJ Lee which illuminates connections between all regions and systems in the body. This allows practioners such as Lucy to treat the whole person, confidently designing programmes that address the true causes of injury rather than just treating the symptoms.


Away from work Lucy is mum to two young daughters and whenever time allows maintains a keen interest in many sports including snowboarding, horse riding, sailing and yoga.


“Lucy’s whole body approach addresses the core problems rather than a band-aid for symptoms. Unravelling deep seated imbalances achieves long-term results. My experiences so far have been highly successful when working in tandem with a training program for my sport, track sprinting.”

Dan, Masters 100m Runner.